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22/23 Autumn/winter Christmas home trend forecast

2021-12-26 | Company News

22/23 Autumn/winter Christmas home trend forecast

                 -- From POP Home Textiles by Mia


In the post-epidemic era, with the large-scale vaccination of vaccines around the world, the establishment of immune barriers, and the deepening of people's understanding of the virus, the epidemic will gradually ease, and people will gradually return to the normal track of life. Habit, coexistence and openness will become a good survival mode of human society. After experiencing long-term restrictions and restrictions, people are bound to have a strong interest in reunion and celebration activities. Traditional classic nostalgic elements from the data observed, concise northern wind, natural rural wind, IP traffic link, pet household product line, the key to attracting the attention of the consumer market trend direction, the best time for online marketers can use consumer shopping, make Christmas products cater to the market style, welcomed the new sales growth.

(1) Primary red, forest green and fresh white are essential Christmas colors, classic red and green collocation, into bright yellow, pink, orange, and then decorated with golden details, collocation out of the household items will make people think of the warm Christmas story, with the power of color, for the holiday to add positive and happy.

(2) Christmas related features classic characters, including red and white Christmas hat, darling of the Santa Claus, Christmas tree, the red Christmas stockings, lovely reindeer, grid restoring ancient ways, snow, snowman, gingerbread man, garlands, and so on, these classical elements into the surface decoration and product design, product rich festival narrative, create a nostalgic atmosphere of the series of products.

(3) Nordic Christmas with a romantic and fairy tale atmosphere makes people yearn for. Nordic style is known at the world with concise, the household product of this one style solved the use prescription problem of traditional Christmas product short, can foil festive atmosphere to be able to satisfy daily practicality again already, can serve as the means of a kind of saving expenditure. 

(4) The outdoor craze catalyzed by the epidemic extends to holiday products, with pastoral and natural style items being sought after. In household products, rich floral prints and soft textiles are used to create a sense of comfort, creating a natural tone full of sunshine, warmth and healing effect.

(5) The theme of IP co-branded cooperation is also a common marketing method used by Christmas merchants, which is popular among young consumers recently. Enterprises accurately capture the current hot IP, such as Harry Potter, Moomin, Bearbrick, Disney series, etc., flow connection, advance with The Times, win the attention of the picky Z generation, drive product consumption.

(6) Under the new pattern, with the rise of experiential consumption, more and more slow experience formats have emerged in the commercial space. DIY has become a synonym for parent-child activities, artistic sense and individual creativity. Wool felt gifts, Christmas countdown calendar, hanging ornaments, gardening, tufted home and other handmade art in the Christmas atmosphere has become the choice of many consumers.

(7) Pet industry as an emerging consumption field has also received the attention of the public and capital, dressing up pets has become a current trend. Christmas, put on a Christmas hat for pets, put on clothes of Christmas atmosphere, keep the Beard of Santa Claus, put on neat pro "son" outfit, the Christmas dress up interpretation incisively and vividly. Cats and dogs have become key Christmas home trends.



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